Clashes leave at least 160 dead in Darfur, Sudan | News

The armed clashes that have taken place in recent days in the western region of Darfur, in Sudan, have caused the death of some 160 people, according to national authorities.


Death toll from repression in Sudan rises to 78

The Arab tribes attacked this Friday the city of Kereneik, where the African tribes are located, to take revenge for the attack that they gave him in previous days.

“Between February 17 and April 7, 72 civilians were killed, at least 11 were injured and 64 cases of sexual violence were recorded, according to the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) human rights teams who they have carried out 10 verification missions”, declared the United Nations Organization.

The United Nations has described as “horrendous” crimes the acts of beheadings, rapes and burning of people alive, which characterize the increase in violence surrounding South Sudan since February.

The confrontation between Arab and African tribes resumed on April 22 in the town of Kereneik, 80 kilometers from Western Darfur.

For his part, the spokesman for the General Coordinator for Refugees and Displaced Persons in Darfur, Adam Regal, accused pro-government militias of being involved in the attack while declaring that the situation “is difficult and is deteriorating.”

Regal blamed “the coup government and the militias” and asked the United Nations Security Council and the African Union (AU) to adopt concrete measures to protect citizens.

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for South Sudan and Director of UNMISS, Nicholas Haysom, expressed his dismay at the attacks.

“I am deeply shocked by these horrific attacks on civilians in Leer. We must all do everything we can to ensure that victims and survivors get the justice they deserve and receive the care and support they need,” he stated.

In recent days, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Sara Beysolow Nyanti, has visited several locations in South Sudan to exchange with victims of the attacks and request the support and responsibility of the authorities.

“On a mission to Bentiu I met with displaced people. Horrified by the terrible humanitarian situation. Humanitarian needs outstrip available funding. Urgent need for additional funding to provide life-saving support”, she expressed in an official Twitter account.

Armed conflicts in Darfur have been recurring since 2003 when the Sudanese government and separatist groups began clashing, killing an estimated 500,000 people.