City of Guayaquil will host the 2025 Bolivarian Games | News

The Bolivarian Sports Organization announced this Saturday that the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil will host the Bolivarian Games in 2025, this after an assembly that was in charge of choosing the venue for the fair.


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“Guayaquil was made official as the host city of the 2025 Bolivarian Games (…) The” Bolivarian Games For All Ayacucho 2024 “will be the first Games with sports that are not included in the Olympic program,” confirmed the Bolivarian Sports Organization.

After the confirmation of the venue, the Minister of Sports of Ecuador, Sebastián Palacios, classified the event as historic, “Bolivarianos 2025 will be done in Guayaquil (…) a lot of teamwork ahead, together we will achieve it”, he limited.

For his part, the president of the Andean country, Guillermo Lasso, asserted that the sports fair will unite Ecuadorians, “we are ready to meet for sport,” he added.

“It will help us to consider the sports scenarios so that the youth can play sports, to avoid obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, to have more Guayaquilians competing in international events. It is an achievement for everyone, “said the president of the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee, Jorge Delgado.

Delgado advanced something about the logistics of the sports fair, “first an Organizing Committee will be made that has the subcommittees that are for accommodation, protocol, sports venues, judges, among others; approximately ten,” he said.