Citizens fulfilled their right

The people said their word in the crowded midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8, where citizens not only cast their votes but gave another exemplary demonstration of civility, at a time when so many economic and other difficulties are experienced.

In all 50 states of the nation and in the District of Columbia, Democrats, Republicans and independents flocked to elect their leaders in Congress, in their governorships and in local offices.

It was a true plebiscite, a true x-ray of what the nation thinks and feels.

Wisely and against all odds, there was no avalanche of votes favorable to the Republicans or a “great red wave.” Voters opted for balance, and although at press time it is not known exactly if the Republicans also took the federal Senate – as is the case with the House of Representatives in Washington – voters put aside their concerns about President Joe Biden to deny Republicans the landslide victory they hoped for.

It was a remarkable show of strength in the face of history and pessimistic polls that voters, fed up with inflation and rising crime, would want to punish the party in power.

As the recounts continued, it was clear that Democrats had limited Republican gains in the House and still held out hope of retaining control of the Senate.

“Although the press and the experts were predicting a giant red wave, that did not happen,” President Joe Biden said calmly at the White House on Wednesday in his first public remarks since the vote ended. He noted that Democrats had a “solid night.”

That was seen in the metropolitan area, where Democrats had an overwhelming show of electoral power in Maryland, where they reclaimed the governor’s seat from Republicans years earlier, and also in DC, where Mayor Muriel Bowser reached a sky-high 73 percent. cent of the votes to be re-elected again in the position, which she will occupy for the third time.

In Virginia, the vote count was still very tight to give a definitive table of what will happen in the state Legislative Assembly.

Citizens fulfilled their civic duty. Now it’s time for the newly elected leaders to do their job.