Christian Nodal explodes on social networks and revealed that the teasing and lack of empathy hurt him


Christian Nodal He is still in the midst of multiple scandals. In recent weeks, he has been involved in a bickering war with his former mother-in-law, Belinda Schüll, mother of his ex-fiancée to later give way to another battle on social networks with J Balvin.

After these inconveniences in which he has been involved, the Mexican singer decided that After reacting negatively to the photo that J Balvin published on his Instagram account, in which he compares his look with that of the interpreter of the Mexican regional, the best thing was to release a song about this problem and others that it brings charging.

In fact, this caused Belinda’s ex-fiancé to publish a tiradera against the representative of the urban genre, thus causing many of the fans of the successful reggaeton player to turn against the Mexican.

However, this conflict did not end there, because, just as J Balvin decided to make another publication against Nodal, he did the same in his Instagram stories, where he assured that the criticism he received as a result of the exhibition of the interpreter of ‘6 AM’ hurt him.

“I was hurt by the teasing and the great exposure. I answered and he continued to level up with making fun of me for not reaching the Medellin Stadium, my physical appearance, my ex’s tattoos. I have the right for people who have no idea about me to know me for my talent and not for everything morbid”Nodal exposed on his Instagram account.

Given this, the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ assured that “it is not that he lacks humor”, but that the world lacks empathythis in reference to the continuous criticism of which he has been a victim because of the media exhibition.

After the publication of his controversial insta storie, some of his detractors did not hesitate to express their opinion on the matterassuring that he was the first who decided to put himself in the middle of the wave of criticism by trying to exhibit Belinda.

This in reference to the filtering of the conversations that Nodal made a few weeks ago and that cost him the disapproval of many Internet users, who far from agreeing with him, described his way of acting as that of someone “on fire.”

Thus, Some Internet users assured that it is very easy to be the one who criticizes and not the one who is criticized, an issue that is evidentAccording to them, the lack of coherence between what the idol of the Mexican regional does and what he says.

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