China factory fire kills 38

China factory fire kills 38

Images of the raging fire in the factory in the city of Anyang, broadcast by the Chinese state channel CCTV. (21.11.2022)

Photo: CCTV/AP/PICTURE ALLIANCE / Deutsche Welle

At least 38 people died and two others were injured after the factory fire in central chinaindicated state media on Tuesday (11.22.2022) citing local authorities.

The fire affected “a plant in the city of Anyang, in central China’s Henan province, on Monday afternoon,” the official Xinhua news agency reported. This medium did not offer more details.

Industrial accidents are common in Chinaoften caused by poor compliance with safety regulations.

In March 2019, an explosion at a chemical factory in Yancheng, 260 kilometers from Shanghai, killed 78 people and destroyed houses within a radius of several kilometers.

And in 2015, a gigantic detonation at a chemical warehouse in the northern city of Tianjin caused 165 deathsin one of the worst industrial accidents ever to occur in the Asian giant.

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