China Demands US End Looting of Syrian Resources | News


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wengin on Wednesday demanded that the United States government immediately end the looting of Syria’s national resources.


Iranian Foreign Minister calls on the US to withdraw its troops from Syria

During a meeting with the press, the spokesman urged Washington to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, a country in which it maintains a military contingent with the complicity of armed extremist groups.

In addition, he demanded that the US lift the unilateral restrictive measures illegally imposed against that nation and compensate the considerable damage caused to the Syrian people with concrete actions.

He denounced that Washington occupies the main grain and oil producing areas in Syria, and that the looting of these resources aggravates the local humanitarian crisis after a civil war of more than a decade in that nation, conceived and imposed from the West.

Referring to the US theft of oil, wheat and other resources, products that are then transferred to northern Iraq, Wang recalled that 90 percent of the Syrian population currently lives below the poverty line.

He stressed that two-thirds of Syrians depend on humanitarian assistance and more than half of the population faces food insecurity.

Wang recalled that the White House usually boasts of higher standards in human rights and the rule of law, but pointed out that its actions in Syria prove that it actually fails in these aspects.

US military occupy oil and gas fields in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Al-Hasaka, in the east of the country. These fields are considered among the most productive in the nation, which before the armed conflict achieved significant self-sufficiency in hydrocarbons and has had to import them and apply rationing measures.

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