Chilean military sentenced to prison for murder in protests | News

The Chilean Justice decided on Wednesday to maintain the preventive detention measure for an Army captain and two subordinates for the murder of the Ecuadorian student Romario Veloz during the 2019 social mobilizations in the South American country.


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After three days of hearing, the La Serena Guarantee Court established the precautionary measure against Army Captain José Faúndez Sepúlveda and his subordinates Carlos Robledo Olguín and José Arenas Mancilla.

The three soldiers were formalized for crimes of homicide, frustrated homicide, unnecessary violence and injuries in the case of the death of Romario Veloz in October 2019.

The court also ordered house arrest for the Army official under investigation, Milován Rojas Barrera.

The events took place on October 20, 2019, when Romario Veloz participated in a mobilization in the streets of La Serena, 500 kilometers north of Santiago, which ended in repression by the Army.

According to the Chilean Prosecutor’s Office, after having given the first order to fire, Rolando Robledo being wounded in his abdomen, at 18:22 Captain José Faúndez ordered a second burst of shots. One of the ammunition hit and killed Romario Veloz.

Veloz is one of the more than thirty deaths left by the violence and repression of the agents during the demonstrations that broke out in Chile in 2019. “Today they finally sent my son’s murderer to jail. I am more than happy, we have accomplished quite a bit,” said the victim’s mother, Mery Cortez.

According to the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH), of the more than 3,000 complaints filed against state agents for repression in the context of the protests, there were only four convictions two years after the start of the social crisis.