Chilean Convention approves text for new Constitution | News


The plenary session of the Constitutional Convention of Chile approved this Tuesday the final text of the new Constitution of the Republic after the conclusion of the last round of voting.


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Subsequently, this document will be exposed to the Chilean people and delivered to the President of the Government of Chile, Gabriel Boric, the following week, punctually on the following July 4.

The decision to draft this text, which will replace the one approved in 1980 during the dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet, was made in 2019 in response to the demand for social justice from the protests of October of that year.

Chilean social organizations blame the current Magna Carta for being the origin of the most important inequalities in force in this Latin American nation, especially because of the important neoliberal court that prevails in it.

In July of last year, the process began through the Constitutional Convention, elected by popular vote with 155 members in charge of drafting a new proposal to replace the current text.

The plebiscite is scheduled for next September 4 and on the ballot there will be two options, approval and rejection, which in the case of the latter being the majority, the constitution approved during the dictatorship would remain in force.

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