Celia Lora shows off the neckline of her tiny bikini from inside the pool

Celia Lora She is an expert in attracting attention with hot social media posts, as happened recently within her Instagram profile, where set fire to a video in which she showed off from the pool in a tiny bikini.

The Mexican model is known for shamelessly showing off her voluptuous charms in Playboy magazine, for which she posed for the first time more than a decade ago, positioning her as one of the most daring celebrities. But the hot disclosures have not only stolen glances in print publications, as social networks are also part of her favorite showcases to pose with minimal clothing, testing censorship.

This is how she raised the temperature again with a recording in which she showed off her voluptuous charms before 10.3 million followers of Instagram, a social network in which she continually sets fire to appearing in daring transparent lingerie that leaves little to the imagination.

And although in recent weeks she has provoked all kinds of reactions by appearing alongside voluptuous models such as Ignacia Michelson, Lizbeth Rodríguez and Marian Franco, once again she attracted attention posing alone and from the pool.

Although the brief recording is not recent and was part of Thursdays to remember, the singer’s daughter Alex Lora she appeared walking with the water below her chest and showing only her cleavage in her tiny green bikini, which was enough to provoke low passions among her admirers.

The heated images that the controversial ex-inhabitant of “La Casa de los Famosos” shares within said social profile have not only attracted attention for the tiny clothes she wears, because a few days ago she gave something to talk about for showing her completely naked back, showing only the tattoos that adorn his sculptural silhouette.

The heated postcard was accompanied with the title: “Should I wait for you?”, with which she received proposals and compliments in which they ensured she looks like a true Greek Goddess.

And a short time later, she shared a snapshot in which she posed lying down with a sexy black lingerie set and brilliant rhinestones with which her exuberant charms stole the limelight.

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