Celia Lora shows off her lush curves in a black lace bodysuit


Although he has confessed on several occasions that he prefers to share images with minimal clothing and completely free of censorship, Celia Lora It has had to be measured in the publications he makes through his official social networks to avoid punishment. Despite this, he has known how to cause a stir with his daring photographs in which he leaves very little to the imagination, to show the daring snapshots in which he appeared with a bodysuit lace and transparencies that left more than one with their mouths open.

In the recent images that she published within her official Instagram account, the Mexican model was seen posing with a sensual garment of lace lingerie and transparencies, with which her voluptuous curves were exposed.

But this time Celia did not appear alone, since she was accompanied by another voluptuous model named Verónica Flores, with whom she attracted the gaze of almost 350 thousand followers who gave them a red heart.

As expected, the Mexican model and her daring companion ended up causing a stir by exposing her anatomy on more than one occasion with this suggestive garment, with which she won the approval of almost 80,000 users.

The Playboy bunny, who also caused controversy with her brief participation in ‘The House of Famous’, drove her fans crazy and blew the thermometers thanks to her sensuality that was exposed with a sexy black lingerie set.

The revealing collection of hot snapshots has become one of the most visited, and it is that, using another set of underwear in a pink tone and with some details of feathers, it obtained the approval of thousands of fans who fell in love with the beauty that She was exposed from the bed and with explosive poses on her knees.

To pamper the pupil of her most demanding admirers, this was not the only postcard that rocker Alex Lora’s daughter showed, since she also showed off with the same outfit from other scenarios that unleashed all kinds of compliments and even proposals of all kinds.

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