Celia Lora reveals her tattoos by showing off her figure in a body with transparencies

Celia Lora He does not neglect his social networks for a day, and now he pleased his fans with a black and white photo taken in Tepoztlán, one of his favorite places to spend his days off. She posed very sensually wearing a body full of transparencies that revealed her tattoo on her lower abdomen; the image has generated more than 147,000 likes.

The 38-year-old girl is very successful in onlyfans, but not far behind Instagram, where it already has more than 10 million followers. A few days ago she caused a sensation with some photos in which she appears accompanied by her friend veronica flowers, and both wore sexy lingerie when posing in an exclusive hotel in Mexico City.

on his channel Youtube Celia has more than 168,000 subscribers; there he presents interviews full of spicy questions, and one of his recent guests was louis knight, the famous “Potro” of the reality show “Acapulco Shore”. Both recalled their experiences on that program and reaffirmed that they are very good friends.

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