Celebrities of 4 zodiac signs are most likely to end up finished

An expression that has become popular in the United States is "canceled", which translates into Spanish as "being cancelled", and is used to describe a famous person whose career ended from one moment to another due to mistakes he made, which transcended the field. public and has not had the opportunity to amend them. According to astrology, The zodiac sign of these celebrities could play a significant role in their abrupt career decline.

This term has its origin when a series or television program is canceled for not having been liked by the public; in the same way, fans can “cancel” an artist, i.e. withdraw their support to show discontent.

Celebrities, like all mortals, belong to a zodiac sign and some of them are at higher risk of committing career-ending provocative acts. An article written by astrologers in the online version of the New York Post revealed who these zodiac signs are.

1. Gemini

The most controversial zodiac sign for celebrities is Gemini, according to astrologer Reda Wigle in the review. As a sign ruled by Mercury, he is usually very communicative, so his mouth usually gets him into a lot of trouble. The clearest examples are former President Donald Trump and the famous rapper Kanye West.

2. Scorpio

This sign is known for being extreme, that's why these celebrities are hated or loved. A Scorpio is not afraid to be criticized and will not change his mind when he thinks he is right. He firmly follows his convictions, so he can have other controversial actions. The clearest example is quarterback Colin Kaepernick, according to the astrologer.

3. Leo

Leos were born to be celebrities, but that doesn't mean they know how to handle fame. According to Wigle, they are stubborn and want to be treated like royalty. According to the astrologer, they can be prone to hurting the feelings of their followers. Famous writer JK Rowling, actress Lea Michele and comedian Joe Rogan are examples.

4. Aries

The famous Aries are impulsive and they don't have much tact to treat people, as Reda Wigle noted in the article. They usually launch phrases and commit irremediable acts that remain in the public imagination, and as an example he gave the controversial British presenter Piers Morgan and actress Gina Carano.

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