Cardenas proposes giving Pemex full budget autonomy

Cárdenas proposes giving Pemex “full budget autonomy”

The founder of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) considered it necessary to give Pemex full budgetary and management autonomy, as well as manage resources, in the face of the new climate crisis throughout the world.

Likewise, he considered that something that does not help Pemex is “maintaining a simply extractivist policy and allocating hydrocarbon resources mainly to the petrochemical industry, the refineries are not being modernized, it is essential to modernize or accelerate the modernization of existing refineries and from there to reduce the importation that we are doing of fuels”, he stated.

Leaving a tribute to his father Lazaro Cardenas in it Monument to the Revolution, Cardenas Solorzano, He clarified that he would not go to the Zócalo with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because “he had other commitments.”

Regarding the Dos Bocas refinery, Cárdenas regretted the cost overrun of its construction.

“Without a doubt (this project) will contribute. Unfortunately, it is coming at a much higher cost than initially budgeted for,” he noted.


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