Car crashes into Apple Store One dead and 16 injured

Car crashes into Apple Store: One dead and 16 injured

One person died and 16 were injured after an SUV crashed into the window of an Apple electronics company store in the town of Hingham, Massachusetts.

As reported by the district attorney, Tim Cruz, the car broke into the establishment at around 10:45 a.m. (local time), breaking the window glass and running over several of the customers inside the trade.

For his part, the Hingham Fire Chief, Steve Murphy, has warned that several of the clients have even been left trapped between the vehicle and the wall. Passers-by who were walking through the area have been helpful in providing first aid to the victims.

The authorities have reported that the driver of the vehicle is now in police custody, although they have not delved into the details. Cruz, for his part, has pointed out that the investigations are already underway and that no motivation has been ruled out for the moment.