Canelo Álvarez confessed that he did run two people from his daughter’s XV-year party

Saul Alvarez He was asked whether or not he ran people from his daughter Emily Cinnamon’s XV-year party and surprised by answering in the affirmative, although he clarified that did not go to Edwin Caz nor to Carín León, as was speculated at the time, but to two people who are not to his liking.

In an interview with Adela Micha for the YouTube channel La Saga, the boxer told the truth about what happened, but not before making fun of the press publications, which are far from reality.

“Eduin and I spoke to each other and he says ‘sons of the bitch, there’s nothing to get out’ (the press). Say, yes i ran to some of the party but nothing to do with the artists. I ran to two that were not to my liking. You have to be as you are. I didn’t invite them, that’s the problem, so why am I going to be at my daughter’s XV years with people I don’t want to be there?“, he clarified, although did not want to reveal the names unwanted attendees or why they were at the party.

What he did mention was that he fired them very discreetly, in the kindest way he could and that there is no evidence at the time.

Regarding Eduin and Carín, he recalled that not only did he not kick them out of the party, but they were their companions even after the celebration ended.

“It was already five or six in the morning, and I ‘let’s go’, because my daughter had set up a nightclub for the kids’ party; there we were Carín León, Eduin, but already, ”she said.

In sports, Saúl Álvarez is in a rehabilitation process after surgery on the wrist of his left hand, for which he is seen in the talk with a splint; however, his fingers have good movement, which may be a sign that his recovery is going well. In this vein, Canelo himself has expressed his desire to return to the ring next May, although that will be decided by his doctors and his coach.

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