Britney Spears seriously thinks about writing a memoir

Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears has shown in recent weeks that she is making the most of her regained freedom, all after 13 years of judicial protection that had her oppressed at all levels. In fact, last weekend pop princess She admitted to having her first glass of wine in more than a decade, and shortly before she starred in a vacation getaway with her fiancé Sam asghari, which in other times would have been overly supervised and even banned by her father Jamie.

Given the dramatic and turbulent nature of her career over the past two decades, it is understandable that Britney you are now considering the idea of ​​publishing your own autobiography, to give an account of what happened in their own words and without external interference; a text with which he would point directly to those responsible - among whom are several members of his family and not only his father - that his nervous breakdown in 2007 led to a disproportionate deprivation of his fundamental rights.

"Should I start at the beginning?" The singer wrote in one of her recent messages from Instagram, which he accompanied with the image of a typewriter. Last October, the music star showed his interest in telling his own story so as not to allow others to take possession of it, specifically his sister Jamie-Lynn. The artist's younger sister was preparing to publish her own memoir that week, many of which naturally revolved around Britney. "I'm thinking of publishing a book next year, but can't quite make up my mind on the title. Maybe they could help me!“, Assured the diva while trying to mobilize her fan base.

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