Brazil Bolsonaro supporters use their cell phones to call for

Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters use their cell phones to call for an “alien” coup | Videos

A group of supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro have been shown placing their mobile phones with luminous signs on their foreheads to ask aliens for “help”, according to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo. The newspaper explains that the petition wanted the aliens to intervene in the result of the 2022 presidential elections, in which the candidate Lula Silva, from the Workers’ Party, defeated the far-right with a difference of 2,148,645 votes, according to the data. of the Brazilian Electoral Tribunal. In the video that accompanies this news item, which accumulates millions of views on Twitter and Facebook, you can see the protesters waving flags and gathered with the device flashing on, making hand signals. The recording shows a woman asking for “help” and several members of the group chanting “look at us, general”, alluding to a possible military intervention.

The recording, by photographer Marcelo Nunes, was released by the news portal Diario del Centro del Mundo. The group was in the Historic Center of Porto Alegre, a city in the southern region of Brazil, in the vicinity of the Military Command. The area has been the scene of various mobilizations since the publication of the results of the presidential elections, including road blockades and protests. In recent weeks, the Bolsonaristas have carried out various anti-democratic actions, such as the spread of fake news. The Liberal Party announced last weekend that it will challenge the use of older-model electronic ballot boxes before the electoral courts.