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The Brazilian deputy and supporter of President Bolsonaro, Daniel Silveira, was sentenced this Wednesday to eight years and nine months in prison by the Supreme Court for attacking democratic institutions.


They keep a deputy imprisoned for vindicating the dictatorship in Brazil

"Coercion, incitement to violence, attacks against the rule of law and democratic institutions and trying to prevent their operation through serious threats," were the demands defended by the prosecutor Lindora Araújo, representing the Attorney General's Office.

The president of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (STF), Min Luiz Fux, classified as "criminal anarchy" the expressions used by Silveira to attack the institutions.

For his part, Judge Alexandre de Moraes, the case's instructor, denied the defendant's defense based on the fact that "public incitement to violence and the closure of Congress and the Supreme Court" were lawful under "parliamentary immunity."

Kassio Nunes, one of the judges present, and the only one who flatly refused to sentence, argued that Silveira's infractions cannot be considered crimes.

The defendant's lawyer, Paulo César Rodrigues, argued that his client suffered a "violation of due process" because the Supreme Judge, in his opinion, played the role of "victim, accuser, judge and is the one who determines the investigations and orders the prison."

Meanwhile, the magistrate at the proposal of Jair Bolsonaro, André Mendonça, proposed a lesser sentence, although he did admit the defendant's guilt.

Silveira broke the law on several occasions. He was arrested in February after requesting on social networks the dismissal of the Supreme Court magistrates using threats and insults.

He praises the military dictatorship and defends the assassination of opponents of President Jair Bolsonaro.

He was sanctioned and suspended for six months from his position in July 2021 by the Ethics Council of the Chamber of Deputies.

He has continuously violated precautionary measures that have been imposed on him during his probation such as posting on social media and wearing an electronic anklet.

David Silveira stood out for publicly tearing up a poster in tribute to the defender of the rights of black women in Brazil, Marielle Franco, shot to death in 2018, evidencing racism and her complacency to Bolsonaro's policies.

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