Bolivian government calls for dialogue with opponents of the anti-covid fight | News

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The Minister of Health and Sports of Bolivia, Jeyson Auza, urged dialogue with sectors of society, called anti-vaccines, to explain the benefits of the doses against Covid-19, after the blockades announced by these groups against the health measures implemented. by the Bolivian Government to curb the rise in infections.


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The health authorities of the South American country detailed that the groups are positioned against the epidemiological fight, mainly decrees 4640 and 4641, which establish biosafety regulations; as well as the vaccination card as a document for official use.

Likewise, the head of the Health portfolio indicated that although these sectors previously announced citizen mobilizations against the measures to stop Covid-19 in various parts of the nation; So far no demonstrations have been reported in the department of La Paz.

“We are willing to explain to them in all areas, how immunization is preventing our population from dying; in this sense, we once again invite any group and any organization to sit down, listen to each other and find a solution”, Auza pointed out.

The senior official stressed that the vaccine and biosafety measures are credited with Bolivia's having dropped from 6.2 to 0.6 percent lethality, which ranks as the lowest rate in this indicator since the beginning of the pandemic.

Bolivia has 11,065,721 vaccines applied against Covid-19; Of this figure, 1,237,200 doses were administered during the first two weeks of 2022; It should be noted that 61.8 percent of the population over 18 years of age completed the vaccination schedule.

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