Bolivian government and teachers sign agreement on educational normality | News

The Government and the Confederation of Workers in Urban Education of Bolivia (Cteub) signed an agreement this Friday that puts an end to the protests developed by that sector and ensures normalcy in academic activities starting next Monday.


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The Minister of Education of that country, Edgar Pary, and the top director of Cteub signed the agreement which establishes that they will respond to the demands of the until next April 20, after a series of mobilizations in the city of La Paz. that they even came to confrontations with the police; in addition to a 24-hour strike, blockades and marches in other regions.

In this regard, the initialed document maintains that “the Ministry of Education assigned some 2,500 items for the 2022 administration and, at the request of the Cteub, 800 more items are consolidated, making a total of 3,300 newly created items based on the financial capacity of the Plurinational State of Bolivia”.

In this sense, the executive secretary of Cteub, Patricio Molina, stressed that “on behalf of the teachers who have taken to the streets to fight, we believe that we are making progress and this agreement is by no means going to say that it satisfies all our expectations, but we believe which is a small advance. We hope that the agreements are fulfilled and that we continue walking for the benefit of education”.

Among the significant issues contained in the agreement, the fact that more than 10,000 hours will be allocated to the subjects of physics and chemistry stands out.

The document also adds that “no educational authority will establish sanctions for teachers who mobilized. In the case of educational units that paralyzed activities, they must replace the day so that there is no type of discount.

The Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia allocates 10.8 percent of the state budget to this portfolio, which, according to its owner Pary, will try to cover with the agreement the historical deficit that has dragged on since the de facto management of Jeanine Áñez.