Biden asks Netanyahu to comply with International Humanitarian Law

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Likewise, both the US and France have called on Israel to immediately contain Israeli settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

The American president, Joe Bidenhas urged this Sunday the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Nentanyahuin a telephone conversation to comply with International Humanitarian Law within the framework of the military offensive against the Gaza Strip.

"The president has reiterated that Israel has every right and responsibility to defend its citizens from terrorism and has stressed the need to do so in a manner consistent with International Humanitarian Law that prioritizes the protection of civilians," the White House reported. it's a statement.

This is the first time that Biden has so openly defended the need for Israel to respect International Humanitarian Law since the start of retaliatory military operations launched in the Gaza Strip in response to attacks by Hamas militias against Israeli territory in the past. October 7.

"The president has highlighted the need to increase humanitarian aid immediately and significantly to meet the needs of Gaza civilians," Washington has highlighted.

The conversation also discussed "the efforts underway to locate and secure the release of the hostages" and about the American citizens who remain missing and could be held hostage by Hamas.

For its part, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and French President Emmanuel Macron They have had a telephone conversation in which they have agreed to cooperate in the "efforts to get food, fuel, water and crucial medicine to those who need them" and also to "get foreign citizens" out of the Strip.

Following Israel's announcement of the expansion of its operations in Gaza, Sunak and Macron expressed their concern about the risk of a possible regional escalation of violenceespecially in the West Bank.


US urges Netanyahu to immediately contain Israeli settler violence

Additionally, the United States National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivanhas asked Netanyahu to assume his responsibility and contain the spike in violence orchestrated by Israeli settlers against the Palestinian population of the West Bank since the outbreak of the Gaza war.

"Netanyahu is responsible for containing the settlers," Sullivan said in what he described as "totally unacceptable" episodes of persecution of the Palestinian population, preceded by months of harassment driven by ultranationalist partners of the prime minister's former government coalition.

That coalition has now been replaced by a concentration government where, however, its ultra allies, such as the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben Gvir, continue to act almost at their discretion. This pressure has led to crimes such as the shooting death of a 40-year-old Palestinian at the hands of a group of settlers while he was picking olives near Nablus, as confirmed yesterday by the Israeli Army itself.

"We are facing a problem that still continues. We hope that, as time goes by, the Israeli Government will increase its efforts in this regard. We hope that the extremist settlers who carry out this kind of violence will be brought to justice," he indicated.

Also This Sunday, France condemned the attacks by Israeli settlers on the Palestinian population in the occupied West Bankwhich have "multiplied" in recent days and "are inadmissible" and has urged the Israeli Government to "take all measures as soon as possible to protect the Palestinian population, in particular the community of Susiya that has received imminent threats" .

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