Belarus warns that Ukraine is trying to involve NATO in the conflict with Russia | News

Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko warned Thursday that the Ukrainian government headed by President Volodimir Zelensky is trying to involve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in its conflict with Russia.


President Lukashenko urges Ukraine to talk with Russia

The president stated during a meeting with the high command of the security forces of his country that Ukraine “under any pretext, tries to involve the troops of NATO member countries in the conflict.”

In this sense, Lukashenko pointed out that his statements are based on the recent missile attacks against the territory of Poland and said that provocative acts on national borders are increasing.

He specified that the West has increased its military potential while he assured that “all this causes an escalation of the already complicated political-military situation around our country and in the region.”

Accordingly, he pointed out that although the use of force against Belarus has been stopped, “we must constantly monitor, see and in no case miss the signs of direct preparations for aggression against our country.”

Similarly, the head of state denounced that the national opposition calls from abroad “to seize power by force and commit attacks on the territory of Belarus. Some of these fugitives are not just traitors, but extremists squared,” he said.

He added that these extremists “openly, without shame, call to attack facilities on the territory of our country. They have even forgotten that their relatives live on the territory of Belarus,” he warned.