Australia | Labor forces the Conservatives out of power after 9 years


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged his defeat in the elections on Saturday, while the opposition Labor Party set to end nearly a decade of Conservative rulepossibly with the support of independents who campaigned for greener policies.

Partial results showed that although Labor had made small gains, Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition was punished by voters in Western Australia and in the wealthy urban districts.

The Greens and a group of so-called “teal independents”, who campaigned for the integrity, gender equality and the fight against climate change, obtained a good resulttapping into voter anger over inaction on global warming following some of Australia’s worst floods and fires.

The new parliament looks set to be far less climate skeptical than the very pro-coal Morrison government.

“Tonight I have spoken with the Leader of the Opposition and incoming Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. And I have congratulated him on his election victory tonight,” Morrison said, adding that he was leaving the leadership of the party from him.

Albanianaddressing his supporters, said that I wanted to unite the country.

“I think people want to come together, look to our common interest, look toward that sense of common purpose. I think people are fed up with division, what they want is to unite as a nation and I intend to lead that.”

In the results obtained so far, Labor had not yet reached 76 of the 151 seats in the Lower House needed to form a government alone. The final results could take time due to the counting of a record number of votes by mail.

With 55% of the votes counted, Labor had 72 seats and Morrison’s coalition 52. Independents and the Greens had 11, according to forecasts by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. Another 16 seats were in doubt. (Reuters)

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