Attacks in northwest Nigeria leave more than 30 dead | News

Nigerian authorities reported Monday that more than 30 people have died after a series of attacks over the weekend against the Dankade region, located in Kebbi state, in the northwest of the country.


Attacks on communities in Zamfara, Nigeria, leave 200 dead

According to Kebbi state government security adviser Garba Rabiu, some 20 people were killed in the attacks and local media took testimony from a resident who stated that thirteen of the victims were his relatives.

Other citizens have reported that dozens of people were kidnapped amid the attacks, including the town chief whose whereabouts are unknown. The area does not have a telephone network, so details have not yet been confirmed and are being reported slowly.

Kebbi is a northeastern state that, along with others, has been suffering a security crisis for several months, due to the increase in attacks by criminal groups that the government describes as “bandit” and declared terrorist organizations.

Last week, armed gangs killed 200 people in Zamfara province, which neighbors Kebbi province, where the town is located.

President Muhammadu Buhari indicated that the armed forces began their main military operation in the state of Niger, together with Kebabi, to clear out the thieves and Boko Haram insurgents who were fleeing the authorities’ offensive.

The gangs control much of Nigerian territory, mainly in the north, and have been behind dozens of kidnappings and attacks in recent months. They attack educational centers and transportation for ransom after kidnappings.

Previously, the attacks were focused on the northeast of the country, where groups such as Boko Haram and its offshoot, Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) have spread in recent months to other areas of the north and northeast. , sounding the alarms of a presumed expansion of these terrorist and criminal networks that live off ransoms.