“At this time it is no longer essential to wear a face mask” in MEXICO


Mexico officially closed the pandemic phase on Tuesday and federal authorities said that a new stage was beginning in which coexistence with the coronavirus would be endemic and seasonal, that is, with seasons of higher peaks, especially in winter.

“It is already giving way almost completely,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The entire country has been at a low level of contagion for several weeks – what the authorities called a ‘green traffic light’ – and all activities have been reactivated. In the more than two years of emergency, Mexico confirmed more than 324,000 deaths with a test but, according to official figures, more than 460,000 were linked to COVID-19.

Although the hygienic measures to avoid contagion are still in the hands of local authorities, the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, who was the spokesman for the federal government throughout the pandemic, indicated on Tuesday that “at this time it is no longer essential” wear face masks although it was still recommended in closed spaces.

López-Gatell explained that Mexico meets four criteria that the World Health Organization (WHO) stipulated to consider the end of the epidemic period, which are having low hospital occupancy (currently 2%), high vaccination (exceeds 90 % in adults), few deaths (an average of four a day) and few infections (around 292 daily).

In Mexico City, one of the most intense sources of contagion and lethality, this week it was no longer mandatory that public places -official and private- have filters such as temperature taking or sanitizing mats, although the administration of antibacterial gel.

All authorities continue to encourage all those who have not done so to be vaccinated. In addition, the government announced the start of vaccination of children from 12 years in the coming days.

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