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The Political System Commission of the Chilean Constitutional Convention will begin voting this Monday on the center-left initiative, which seeks to eliminate the Senate, replacing it with a possible Territorial Council.


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The representative of the Mapuche people and promoter of this norm, Rosa Catrileo, communicated in this regard that: “With this system there is a differentiation. One is the Legislative Chamber, properly so called, and that is where all bills begin and end."

"The Territorial Council intervenes in some legislative processes, as a review chamber that has to do only with the regions."

Likewise, the lawyer and constituent, Fernando Atria, pointed out that the legislative capacity of this council would be limited to "budget, powers and operation of regional bodies, administrative political division of the country and mechanisms of territorial fiscal equity."

For her part, the constituent for the 10th district, Patricia Politzer, expressed in this regard: “The constitutional process was opened, among other reasons, due to the loss of prestige of institutions such as the Senate. If the convention were not promoting profound changes in this regard, it would be doing its job wrong.

Opponents of the norm argue that this constitutes a sneaky way to establish an absolute chamber. In this sense, the constituent and member of the commission Raúl Celis, affirms that: “this transforms the current Senate into a kind of caricature”.

However, as a result of the positions shown preliminarily, forecasts indicate that the initiative may be approved by a wide margin. In this sense, the constituent for the 13th district, Marcos Barraza, pointed out that: "I would hope that this proposal makes sense to the majority of the constituents, it incorporates an important component of deliberation of the regions, it maintains the idea of ​​a unicameral Congress and that It's relevant."

The proposal for a Plurinational Congress and a Territorial Council, after being discussed and voted on by the Political System Commission of the Constitutional Convention, will be voted on by the Executive Plenary afterwards.

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