Armed attack on the border: Gunmen kill one and wound seven, after shooting street food stall

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A recorded armed attack on the borderin the city of Tijuanawhere gunmen shot a hamburger stand; balance is one dead and seven injured peopleAmong them there are three minors. A late night call 911 emergency line reported the shootingso that cops, military Y paramedics they mobilized to the subdivision to attend to the victims.

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The murdered man was identified as Abraham Alejandro Gomez Suastegui37 years old, who lost his life on the spot due to a chest injury and did not have time to transfer him to a hospital.

In the attack, a woman who goes by the name of Jessenia Jasmin Escobar Hernandez, 34 years old, originally from Chiapas. According to the doctors of the Red Crossshe has a wound on her back.

In the case of the three minors shot, their names are: Alma Lizeth17 years old, shot in the abdomen; Edwin Parra Ramirez, also 17 years old, with a left shoulder injury; as well as William Edwardborn in Chiapas, with the same age.

Witnesses told the local police that the attackers were three men who were in a gray sedan and fled in the direction of what is known as the Sainz Canyon. Police have yet to locate them. With this shooting there are 18 homicides in the month of February and 157 so far in 2022.

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