Argentina and Ecuador seek to strengthen regional ties | News


The presidents of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, and Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, respectively, signed several bilateral agreements to strengthen bilateral ties in areas of common interest such as trade, fishing, telecommunications within the framework of the visit made the Ecuadorian president to Buenos Aires.


Foreign Minister of Argentina receives the President of Ecuador

It is the first meeting between the two presidents, since the beginning of Lasso’s visit to Argentina, and the Ecuadorian is the third president that Fernández has received in recent days after the visits of Gabriel Boric, from Chile, and Luis Arce, from Bolivia.

Another of the purposes of the state visit is to bring the positions between the two governments closer together on issues related to regional foreign policy.

In this sense, the two leaders are expected to discuss the next Summit of the Americas and issues related to Argentina’s pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

According to the Ecuadorian president, both countries “are united by freedom, democracy, trade and the desire to continue contributing to the region. I expressed this to the president [Fernández] in our joint statement, polishing coincidences. It is the way to strengthen Latin America and the Caribbean.”

After signing the agreements, the Argentine president stated that: “We are in the most unequal continent in the world.

Right now the Caribbean region is seriously threatened by climate change. It is important that we all work together to help those countries and so that we all do better. We must always remember the phrase of Pope Francis that ‘no one is saved alone'”.

He also said that “With President Lasso we share a common view of what Latin America needs. First, the need to recreate full unity.”

In turn, he stressed that: “We will always be grateful to Ecuador for its support of our sovereign claim for the Malvinas Islands.” Subsequently, Lasso stated that he “will always maintain” the position of “supporting Argentina in the Malvinas theses.”

Fernández did not attend Lasso’s inauguration ceremony, but he apologized with a letter and since then he tried to travel to Quito on several occasions, but he always had to postpone that visit.

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