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The Government of Argentina held this Tuesday its third meeting with union representatives of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) and the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) to stop the deterioration of the purchasing power of the most vulnerable sectors in the face of the rise in inflation experienced by that country. .


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During the meeting, and at the proposal of the CGT, it was agreed to promote the advancement of the negotiation “of those salary agreements that have not yet expired or are not in the negotiating stage”, which was accepted by the UIA.

On the other hand, the representatives of the Executive at the meeting announced that soon “a basic necessity basket will be established, made up of between 50 and 60 products, which have a clear price in the different marketing formats.”

Said list and its implementation format will be concluded within the next 72 hours, announced the Government delegates, namely the heads of Economy, Productive Development and Labor, Martín Guzmán, Matías Kulfas and Claudio Moroni, respectively.

Due to the importance of this measure, the parties undertook to disclose it widely to “strengthen the price reference in the population.”

The parties also agreed to set up working groups to design and implement measures that allow better management of possible impacts of inflation on the country’s productive revival, particularly in the small and medium-sized business sector.

Likewise, it was anticipated that next week there would be a specific meeting on the energy issue, since by that time the Government will have more information on the supply of gas for the winter, for which it is managing larger deliveries from Bolivia and Brazil.

In addition to Guzmán, Kulfas and Moroni, the meeting was attended by, among others, the union leaders of the CGT Héctor Daer, Pablo Moyano, Carlos Acuña and Andrés Rodríguez, as well as the president of the UIA, Daniel Funes de Rioja.

According to local media, the intention is to gradually expand the dialogue table, and that entities representing construction, commerce and the countryside, among others, attend it.

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