Appointment of Pedro Salmerón shows “machista and patriarchal positions” in Mexico: Gilma de León

The controversy surrounding the appointment as Mexican ambassador in Panama of the historian Pedro Salmeronaccused of sexual harassmentdemonstrates “how invisible” the human rights of the women in Mexicoa country that “stands out for its macho and patriarchal positions,” the Panamanian feminist leader told Efe Gilma de Leon.

The appointment of Salmerón as ambassador, who still must complete a series of procedures in Mexico, sparked protests from former students and alleged victims of sexual harassment by this historian, who in 2019 resigned from the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico (Inehrm) .

The Foreign Ministry of Panama already expressed hisposition” to that of Mexico, said this week the Panamanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Erika Mouyneswithout giving any other information or details about it.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He has said that he will not reconsider Salmerón’s appointment because “he is one of the best historians” in Mexico, and because there are no formal complaints against him before the competent bodies, nor has he been legally convicted of any case of sexual harassment.

With this position, the Mexican president “what he is manifesting is the lack of credibility in the repeated accusations that these women have made and that have been duly documented” in @MeTooITAM and @MeTooAcademicosMx, said de León, a lawyer and president of the Foundation. for Gender Equity (Fundagénero).

“The same conduct” on the part of Salmerón was denounced, “repeatedly, at different times and to the detriment of different women,” said de León, who censured López Obrador’s “indifference” when settling the matter “simply arguing if there is or there is no legal complaint, or if he has been convicted or not”.

That position “has to do with the vision that Mexico has of respect for the dignity of women and how these issues are trivialized and minimized or made invisible to the detriment of women’s human rights.”

“Mexico, and it is a true fact, is a country that stands out for its macho, patriarchal positions,” declared the Panamanian feminist, so it could be thought that Salmerón’s alleged victims “have not dared or the status quo did not It has allowed access to the courts to present the complaints that, at this time, remain at the level of accusations.”

Panama rejects Salmerón for the dignity of Mexican women

The president of Fundagénero pointed out that this and 10 other feminist organizations hope that the Government of Panama will not grant approval to Salmerón if the appointment becomes official before the Panamanian Foreign Ministry.

“We hope that a precedent is set and that the dignity of Mexican women is respected. The rejection of the designation (of Salmerón) would represent a brave management, worthy of our country”, said de León.

In a letter from Fundagénero delivered on Wednesday to the Panamanian Foreign Ministry, the eleven Panamanian feminist organizations expressed “that characters like Salmerón cannot be considered as an ambassador and at the same time express that we are a State that favors gender equity.”

They affirmed that according to the regulations in force in Panama “and in compliance with the principle of conventionality by the Human Rights Support Agreements of which Panama is a subscriber, we must not accept inconvenient appointments, as the Mexican State intends.”

“Mr. Pedro Salmerón himself can assume a position, given the public rejection of NGOs in Mexico and Latin America like ours, of prudently asking the president of Mexico to exempt him from the appointment he has made,” he added. of Lion.

Surely, said the Panamanian feminist, there are in Mexico “men and women with impeccable careers who could give that country a better representation.”