Another young Palestinian dies due to Israeli repression in the West Bank | News


At least one Palestinian youth was killed and four were injured after clashes with the Israeli army in the city of Jenin, located in the north of the occupied West Bank.


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The deceased has been identified by local media under the name of Ahmad Msad, 18, originally from the town of Burqin.

Msad turns out to be the second Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in the last 24 hours after 20-year-old Ahmed Oweidat was shot in the head Tuesday in a refugee camp near Jericho.

Local media reported that during the raid about 12 Palestinians were detained by the Tel Aviv occupation forces.

The Israeli authorities, for their part, accepted that their soldiers used live ammunition against the Palestinians, alleging that they set fire to tires and threw stones.

This repression against the Palestinian people is part of an alleged “campaign against terrorism” carried out by the Zionist regime.

In the city of Jenin, the occupational forces raided the house of the family of Raad Hazem, the author of the deadly attack three weeks ago in Tel Aviv in which three people died, to deliver a demolition order to relatives, a practice quite common for Zionist troops.

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