Ángela Aguilar, Nodal, Camilo and Grupo Firme will remember Vicente Fernández at Premio Lo Nuestro


The Lo Nuestro Award 2022 It will not only have premieres of international artists as already announced. But the chain Univision revealed that it will pay tribute to the late Vicente Fernández in the voices of the new generation of Regional Mexican singers such as Ángela Aguilar, Christian Nodal and Grupo Firme. They will also be joined by the Colombian singer Camilo.

The artistic career of Vicente Fernandez and the contribution he gave toto Regional Mexican music will be honored on stage at the next Lo Nuestro Award 2002. which will take place tomorrow, Thursday, at February 23. Ángela Aguilar, Camilo, Christian Nodal, David Bisbal and Grupo Firme will open the Lo Nuestro Award remembering Don Chente. We know in advance that this will move the fiber to more than one.

Let’s remember that Vicente Fernandez He passed away on December 12, 2021, after medical complications following a fall. In the midst of the mourning that his fans and of course his family still feel, the chain Univision will bring back all the feeling of Mexican musicwhere successful young people who sing regional mexican music like they are Nodal, Ángela Aguilar and Grupo Firma will leave all their talent in tribute to the great Vicente Fernández.

After that they will be Wisin and Yandel at the premiere for his most recent hit “No se Olvidas”. Farrukomegastar of the urban musicwill receive the awardOurs Award for Urban Excellence” and will take the stage alongside Latin stars Pedro Capo and oneill to perform a medley of “Ki”, ​​”Pepas”, “El incomprendido” and “Gracias” and the number will also have the special participation of Daniel Habif.

Premio Lo Nuestro will be broadcast LIVE from FTX Arena this Thursday, February 23beginning with “Noche de Estrellas” at 7 p.m. ET on Univision. Among the popular celebrities who will deliver the coveted awards are Adrián Uribe, Angélica Vale, Anitta, Chesca, David Zepeda, DJ Adoni, Duki, Edden Muñoz, Emilia, Farina, Giulia Be, Irina Baeva, Javier Romero Joel Deleón, Justin Quiles, Lele Pons, Majo Aguilar, Raymix, Susana González, Tiago PZK, Willy William and Yotuel.

The first major music awards show of the year will include performances by Anitta, Angela AguilarBLESSD, CamiloChimbala, Christian NodalCNCO, David Bisbal, Deorro, El Alfa, El Fantasma, Elvis Martínez, Gente de Zona, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Firm GroupIAmChino, Jay Wheeler, Justin Quiles, Laura Pausini, Luis Fonsi, MalumaManuel Turizo, Natti NatashaOlga Tañón, Ovi, Pepe Aguilar, Pitbull, Prince Royce, Romeo Santos, Sebastian YatraSofia Reyes, Sting, Wisin and Yandel, and Yuri.

Alejandra Espinoza, David Bisbal, Gabriel Soto and Yuri will host the three-hour program, and Roberto Hernández will report from behind the scenes. Borja Voices, David Zepeda, Francisca and Raul de Molina will conduct “Noche de Estrellas” with the special collaboration of Clarissa Molina and Jomari Goyso. The one hour pre-show will include performances by Emilia, Duki, VF7, Lele Pons and Ninow and Candy.

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