Anahí and her husband show off a great body and a romantic moment while they exercise


Anahí caused a stir again for showing off her figure on social networks, but this time it was her husband, Manuel Velasco Coelhowho aired a romantic moment while exercisingshowing how much they enjoy sharing time as a couple.

The former RBD She continues to show that she is going through her best moment in terms of physique, because after her two pregnancies she has managed to obtain an impressive figure that she continuously boasts through her official Instagram profile where she has shown the exercise routines she performs to have a spectacular body after the birth of their children, Manuel and Emiliano.

However, on this occasion it was not the actress who presented one of her workouts as a couple, but her husband, the Mexican politician Manuel Velasco, since he was in charge of using his Instagram profile to share a video with which he demonstrated how well he They spend it together.

And it is that in the recording of a few seconds the happy couple appears dancing, to later merge into a hug and end with a romantic kiss.

The light of life I love you“It was how the former Governor of Chiapas described the publication in which both also had a great body, because while she was wearing a set of leggings and a black top, he left his torso uncovered to show his abdomen of steel.

These images are added to other videos shared by the television star in which she has shown that in addition to focusing completely on her family, she also enjoys showing aspects of her happy stage in motherhood and even some other beauty advice, of course without leave behind the exercise routines you do to stay in shape.

The images have turned out to be an inspiration for their fans, so they have let them know in the comments section.

While, in one of her most recent publications within the same social network, the singer also showed off posing in a bikini while doing a meditation session in the middle of the beach, an image that was praised in more than 2 thousand messages, as well as 96 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

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