AMLO says he will raise Joe Biden’s smear campaign against him by “famous” journalists

From Baja California, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there are in Mexico power groups that use the media and “famous” journalists to slander and beat up their governmentso he raised, if necessary, to take the issue up with his US counterpart, Joe Biden.

If necessary, I am going to present it to President Biden, because the entire campaign against us is being financed by influence peddlers from Mexico.who in the past sold medicines and did juicy businesses, businessmen who did not pay taxes, and also by the United States Government, which gives money to these associations, such as that of Claudio X. González (businessman of Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity) and others, that is an interventionist attitude”, he pointed out.

The Mexican president insisted that there are organizations opposed to your government that are acting in an interventionist manner because they are receiving financing from the United States.

No foreign government should intervene in the affairs of our countryour sovereignty must be respected, we are not a colony, we are not a protectorate, we are a free, independent and sovereign country and I also represent legal and legitimately constituted authority, I was democratically elected, the people elected me”, he pointed out.

“In the world, these media power blocs are used to impose corruption procedures, so that companies can steal with impunity. Okay companies not only dominate the most influential media, it is the companies that put the rulersIt is not the people, it is the large corporations through the media that inflate leaders or parties in the world”, he asserted.

“If it’s an important issue, they have nothing to do with the exercise of freedom of expression, that is guaranteed. The question is what is behind? How is the financing of the media?, she specified.

The Mexican president once again accused “famous” journalists such as Carlos Loret de Mola, Joaquín López Dóriga, Ciro Gómez Leyva, Jorge Ramos, Carmen Aristegui, or the newspaper Reforma, of being “mercenaries” and “pasquines”, in addition to reiterating that they are part of the “mafia of power” so they must reveal how much they earn and who is financing them.

“Everyone has the right to dissent, to protest, no one has been or will be censored, neither Loret de Mola nor López Doriga, nor Ciro, nor Aristegui, nor those of the pasquín (Reform) who are now tearing their clothes in a hypocritical way” , He said.

The media are concessions, the media are entities of public interestand in several cases they receive money from governments”, he mentioned.

“The only thing we are proposing is that we all must exercise our freedom of expression, the potentates make up a media power to attack, slander, destroyso what we are proposing is that these powerful groups, which use the media and journalists, disclose how much they allocate to these actions, that these famous journalists who are hired to defend these interests and hit opponents, make known how much they earn because they get a lot of money, they are high-ranking mercenaries”, he assured.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador regretted that the National Institute of Transparency and Access to Information, INAI, rejected his request to disclose the income of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola, who revealed an investigation into his son and his ostentatious life.

“I already had a feeling that they were going to respond in that way because of their attitude since that institute was founded. They don’t allow reports to be released about what famous journalists earn,” he stated.

López Obrador also regretted not having authorization to publicize the earnings of “famous” journalists, who are a minority, since the majority of reporters in Mexico, he said, “earn very little and risk a lot, those who walk in the street, those who are making the note, not those who are in their office, in luxury restaurants, “he considered.

I can prove, if the INE allows me, that there are journalists who earn more than 5 million pesos per month, of these that I mentionedwe are talking about Loret 3 (millions), but there are those who earn more, so what are they?“He argued.

“I am going to keep the information I have,” he said, but indicated that if Carlos Loret de Mola authorizes it, he will make his salary known.nothing more to prove to him that it is not an exaggeration, that I can prove that he received 35 million and I have all the invoices and all the receipts”, he pointed out.

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