American basketball player sentenced in Russia; Cops charged in death of Breonna Taylor and more | Front Pages of the World 05/08/2022


This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Friday, August 5.


New York Times

4 officers face federal charges in Taylor’s murder

2020 Kentucky Raid

Griner receives 9-year sentence

Drug case shrouded in geopolitics

China besieges Taiwan in live-fire drills

Taipei denounces that the military exercises suppose “a maritime and air blockade” of the island. Several missiles reach the waters of Japan

Guardian / UK

Revealed The 12 extreme weather events that would have been virtually impossible without human-caused global warming

The Little Illustrated Subsidy

The keys to the new fare system

Congress denies Castillo permission to leave the country in the midst of a political crisis

Decision: I was going to go to Gustavo Petro’s inauguration in Colombia

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