Alexa Dellanos dazzles with her impressive anatomy in a micro bikini

The model Alexa Dellanos He has amazed his billions of followers after he took over his social networks and showed off his spectacular anatomy in a sexy outfit that raised sighs.

Dellanos, who a few weeks ago will celebrate her birthday with a sensational celebration full of eccentricities and great luxuries, now shows herself to her fans in a revealing micro bikini that leaves little to the imagination since each of her voluptuous curves can be seen at first sight. dream.

With several photos as a selfie is that "lexy doll” as his fans call him on Instagram where he has managed to accumulate millions of faithful admirers, he manages to disarm hearts with a couple of sensual poses.

In a tiny pink bikini and in front of the mirror is that the young blonde daughter of the famous journalist Myrka Dellanos, seduces her fans with her sexy outfit of the day, who eagerly await the publications of the also DJ almost daily.

The great surprise of the publication that at the moment accumulates 63 thousand red hearts within the social network Instagram, has been a video that has been uploaded where in front of the spotlights and with a couple of movements manages to keep hypnotized with its beauty and tiny waist to its followers who have not stopped sending him hundreds of ardent compliments.

i love you alexa”, “Doll, that color suits you perfectly”, “What a hot body you have. what a beauty of a woman”, some of the users have expressed in networks.

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