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The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Bajram Begaj, was elected this Saturday as the new President of Albania by the Parliament of that country after a fourth round of voting.


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After three attempts due to the lack of a candidate for the position in the Executive, Bajram Begaj was elected based on the support of 78 deputies (74 came from the Socialist Party led by Prime Minister Edi Rama).

“What I can add is simply to thank all members of the Parliamentary Group for their contribution to this process. A process that by its very nature is not easy because, as we have mentioned in more than one case, it is about identifying a figure that must meet very specific requirements, but at the same time guarantee the respect and non-intimidation of all potential candidates. ”, said the prime minister and president of the Socialist Party Edi Rama.

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�� Kuvend – Sapo kemi zgjedhur Presidentin e Ri të Republikës; një president normal për normalitetin institutional të jetës së vendit����

Posted by Edi Rama on Saturday, June 4, 2022

On the other hand, Prime Minister Edi Rama based his election on the fact that it corresponds to the “alarming need” for the institution to be headed by a high-profile figure, as head of state.

According to some local media, Edi Rama would have appointed Bajram Begaj a few hours before the parliamentary decision, and they expressed surprise at this decision because he was a little-known figure among the population.

According to the Constitution, in the first three attempts to elect the Presidency, the candidate must obtain the votes of a qualified majority of 84 of the total of 140 deputies, however, in the fourth and fifth ballots, only an absolute majority is necessary, with 71 votes. .

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