Activists turn Ken Salazar into a pinata and burn it

Activists turn Ken Salazar into a piñata and burn it in protest of immigration reforms

The migrants set fire to Salazar’s piñata while chanting “viva México.”

Photo: Joebeth Terriquez / EFE

Activists and migrants from the border city of Tijuana carried out this Wednesday the burning of a symbolic piñata of the United States ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazaras a protest against the “interventionism” of the United States government in Mexico and the immigration reforms “that have harmed” people in transit, they said during the act.

During this protest, Sergio Tamai, an activist with Ángeles Sin Fronteras, demanded from the US consular representative that his country no longer meddle and apply inhumane policies such as the return of foreigners. The activist questioned the Biden government’s support for migrants.

Tamai said that since last year they warned about what Ken Salazar said during a visit to this border city, in which he mentioned the idea of ​​putting “check points” (control points) in Tijuana.

“We do not know what agreements they have between governments, we do not interfere, but we are the voice of the people, and now we see that they (the US government) have the National Guard at their disposal, also detaining Mexicans without distinction, as if we were their backyard, which we are not,” he said.

The activist condemned the fact that Salazar is carrying out this type of actions and demonstrations in the country, because he said that “he is not an authority in Mexico and he has to respect it”, and warned that if he does not do so they will call for “a peaceful uprising of the people” to prevent this interventionism.

“In the wars we have been with them and we will be with them, but do not be confused, one thing is that we receive them very well, but we have received many abuses, however, we are united,” he said.

It should be noted that During the fiscal year that ended last September, the United States border authorities reported the detention of more than 2.5 million migrants in this area. The migratory flow has overflowed this year, as hundreds of migrants want to take whatever they can to the United States.

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