About 40 people kidnapped in Zamfara, Nigeria | News


Nigerian police authorities reported Monday that around 40 people have been kidnapped by an armed group in the state of Zamfara, located in the north of the African country.


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In this sense, the Zamfara police spokesman, Muhammad Shehu, reported that the troops are carrying out an operation to guarantee the safe rescue of the victims.

After having participated in a wedding ceremony, the large group of people was intercepted on a road that connects Zamfara with the state of Sokoto.

Likewise, the authorities communicate that the vehicle that transported the wedding guests was a Toyota mountain bus belonging to the Universal Basic Education Commission.

For his part, the secretary of the Zamfara State Communications Union, Ashiru Zurmi, assured that at least 30 members of his union were kidnapped.

According to a report presented this Sunday by Beacon Consulting, an investigative team, incidents of this type have occurred in 201 local government areas and in 36 states of the federation.

However, the document noted that: “In May 2022, government efforts significantly reduced security incidents, deaths and kidnappings compared to April 2022 figures.”

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