A “expletive” came out on the air: Ciro Procuna confused “empatado” with “imputado” in a live broadcast on ESPN


Cyrus Procuna starred in a comical and memorable moment that went viral on social networks, since in full live broadcast he wanted to say “tied on points”, but he was wrong and said “tied”.

The analyst of ESPN He was analyzing Chivas’s next commitment, which is against Necaxa, facing the final stretch of Liga MX, so the whole table began to do accounts and Ciro wanted to get ahead of the others, but the rudeness escaped him.

Chivas’ next rival is Necaxa, which is exactly with whom he is tied… tied on points. sorry, tied”, Ciro said, while Héctor Huerta and Mario Carrillo laughed.

“A little annoying…”Huerta scoffed immediately afterwards, as everyone at the table tried to hold back their laughter.

It’s worth remembering that these mistakes in sports analysis live television are not new, although they are rare. Just remember one more or less recent of Angel Garcia Toranowho while reading America’s lineup changed the surname to a player, “Vargas” to “Vergas”causing Mario Carrillo to laugh.

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