56 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia kills at least 55

5.6 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia kills at least 55

At least 55 people died and hundreds were injured after a magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck Indonesia’s most populous province of West Java on Monday, authorities said.

As confirmed to EFE by the government spokesman for Cianjur, the West Java town where the epicenter of the earthquake occurred, four people died at the Cimacan hospital and 51 at the Sayang hospital in that town.

However, the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB, in Indonesian) confirms, for now, a total of 14 deaths and 17 injured by the earthquake, whose magnitude was updated by the United States Geological Survey from the 5.4 initially reported to 5.6.

The authorities confirmed that Hundreds of people were injured by the quake. The mayor of the city of Cianjur, Herman Suherman, stressed that “patients continue to arrive”, before adding that “the majority are from the northern region”.

The earthquake occurred at 1:21 p.m. (local time). with epicenter ten kilometers south of the city of Cianjur, according to the Indonesian National Meteorological, Geophysical and Climatological Agency (BMKG).

Photo: Reuters

He also indicated that the earthquake has caused a power cut to more than 365 thousand people in Cianjur, in West Java, before stressing that the authorities are working to try to “restore electricity quickly”, as the Indonesian television channel Kompas points out.

“We are working to restore electricity in Cianjur. Once it has been verified that there were no aftershocks, the officials have moved to the field to normalize the conditions of the electrical network”, explained Suherman.

According to the information collected by this television channel, the large number of injured has caused some of the patients are being treated in the parking lot of the Cianjur hospital in the absence of beds to treat all the victims.

For its part, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) noted that the earthquake has shaken the capital, with no reports of serious damage. “Keep calm, do not panic and evacuate through the designated routes,” he recommended through his account on the social network. Twitter. No tsunami risk reported.

(With information from EFE Y Europe Press)