17 million gold coins stolen from German museum in just

$1.7 million gold coins stolen from German museum in just nine minutes

The hoard of Celtic gold coins is estimated to be worth about $11.7 million.

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

in what was a true robbery expressa group of thieves extracted a treasure of gold coin from a museum in Germany in less than 10 minutes.

A total of 483 coinsdating from around 100 BC, were extracted from the Manching (Bavaria) museum in the middle of the night in a nine-minute assault, police said.

“On the night from Monday to Tuesday, strangers broke into the museum Celtic Roman and stole the Manching gold treasure,” the museum reported today through its Instagram account.

The Celtic gold coin hoard is estimated to reach worth about $1.7 million. Added to the loss of these coins was the theft of three other objects from a second showcase.

Police are investigating the possibility that the thieves had sabotaged the alarm system from the museum, as just prior to the assault, nearby internet cables were cut, causing various museum systems to fail.

Due to cuts in internet cables, the alarm system did not activate when a door was opened, although he was able to record the time of the robbery.

Given the way the thieves act, the authorities suspect that the organized crime is behind the theft of the coins.

The importance of coins

The stolen coins were unearthed during an archaeological dig made in 1999 near Manching, and is considered the greatest Celtic gold discovery of the 20th century.

Bavarian Minister of Science and Art Markus Blume told public broadcaster BR that the find allowed know everyday life of the inhabitants of Bavaria more than 2000 years ago.

“Not only did we lose a special archaeological find of immense cultural and historical significance, the treasure of gold was more than ‘just a stack of Celtic gold coins’ for the team and many others who know the Celtic feeling connected to the culture but a highlight of personal value at the museum,” the museum said in a social media post.

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