Zuckerberg Develops Artificial Intelligence That Outperforms Humans In Strategy Games

Zuckerberg Develops Artificial Intelligence That Outperforms Humans In Strategy Games

Meta, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg

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Goalthe company founded by Mark Zuckerberg, developed an agent Artificial intelligence (AI) to participate in a board game called diplomacy and he already managed to surpass humans.

The company reported that it created an AI agent called CICERO, which is capable of getting a top performance in the aforementioned strategy game.

“We have created an agent, CICERO, who is the first AI to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy,” explained Meta.

According to the company, its new agent managed double the scoren average achieved by the average of humans

“CICERO demonstrated this by playing webDiplomacy.net, an online version of the game, where CICERO managed to more than twice the average score of human players and it stood at 10% of the participants who played more than one game”, boasted the company.

The agent, according to company data, has been so effective at using natural language to negotiate with people in Diplomacy that he often prefer to work with CICERO earlier than with other human participants.

Diplomacy faces seven players for the checking a map of europe. Each turn begins with the players negotiating with each other to support their plans and ends with them attempting to simultaneously execute their moves. Without him support from other playersmany of these movements will fail.

Inside the game, CICERO looks at the game board and your chat history, and models how other players are likely to act. He then uses this plan to control a language model that can generate free-form dialogue, informing the other players of his plans and proposing reasonable actions for the other players to coordinate well with them.

open source agenda

Meta stressed that they opened the CICERO code and published a document to help the AI ​​community use that agent to advance the progress of human-AI cooperation.

Those interested in using the AI ​​agent can also visit the CICERO website to learn more about the project and see the agent in action. In addition, interested researchers can submit a proposal to the CICERO RFP to gain access to the data.

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