Zoé boasts savings with lousy service

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

In order to please President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Zoé Robledo boasted savings of 700 million pesos in the framework of the 113th General Assembly of the Mexican Institute of Social Security that took place this week.

Zoé makes fun of the Social Security beneficiaries because she presumes savings when the service provided by the Institution is lousy and if not, they ask the patients who daily attend clinics and hospitals located throughout the country.

Zoé presumes that the IMSS-Welfare, the same one that replaced Insabi, which at the same time did it with Seguro Popular, is in luxury, almost, almost like in Denmark, the aspiration of the health sector in the government of the 4t as it has the tenant of the National Palace said repeatedly in his mornings.

Zoé mocks the workers affiliated with Social Security because he uses that noble Institution as a platform to reach the government of the State of Chiapas, the position that was denied to his father, Eduardo "La Bruja" Robledo Rincón, who was kicked out of the Palace of Government in Tuxtla Gutiérrez just a few days after he took office because he arrived through electoral fraud in the style of the PRI.

Do not lie, Mr. Director, in IMSS hospitals, as well as in family care clinics, there are no medicines that doctors prescribe to patients, nor is there material for X-ray studies. Go incognito to 161 and ask for a study to see what the person in charge of the agenda responds to.

In the clinics, months go by without the doctors showing up in some offices, so the insured are referred to Unifila, with all the delay that this represents, because they have to see those who have an appointment first.

There are no specialists either, and it takes months for a patient to be referred to a specialty, as is the case in cardiology and other areas.

Zoé stops lying to the president, those savings, if there are any, only deteriorate the service that is already bad. You already have the government in the bag, stop maneuvering many people will thank you.


In this corner: Monry the Indomitable, in this other, Thousand Masks the darling of the National Palace. They will fight two out of three falls with a time limit, 2024. Yes, Ricardo Monreal is now Monry the Indomitable who yesterday received the courier as star of pankration from a group of fighters who visited him at his offices in the Senate of the Republic and handed over their mask, the day before the presentation of their "National Reconciliation Plan that will take place today in the cathedral of Lucha Libre: the Arena México... In Tamaulipas this week the first 100 state police patrols left with the colors of Morena, before they were painted with PAN blue, a waste of resources, wasteful in a country where there are more poor people every day... By the way, speaking of rallies in support of the current president, in the seventies, Luis Echeverría ordered Luis Marcelino Farías to carry out a mobilization of 500,000 people, in the capital of Neolon, in support of his government when the Monterrey Group energetically demanded him for the murder of Eugenio Garza Sada, later of an attempted kidnapping.

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