Zero tolerance for those who have applauded abuse: Alexia Putellas | Video

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Alexia PutellasSpanish national team and world champion, explained that they have asked "zero tolerance" inside of Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) With whom “have hidden or applauded” an abuse, like the one who suffered Jenni Hermoso or the “systematic discrimination” that they have been denouncing.

At a press conference, the FC Barcelona player, double winner of the Golden Ballhe pointed:

We have been demanding that we be heard for quite some time because we were detecting, and we had known for decades, systematic discrimination against women. We had to fight a lot to be heard. That entails wear and tear that we don't want to have, what worries us is winning on the field, that people get excited and celebrate victories.

Putellas He acted as spokesperson for the team, along with Irene Paredes, in the press conference prior to the duel against Sweden in the League of Nations, in the midst of a conflict that had a turning point on Tuesday in the meeting with the Higher Sports Council (CSD) until five in the morning.

The Catalan midfielder pointed out that the support of the RFEF Assembly for Luis Rubiales, already former president of the organization, after his performance and his kiss to Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup celebration was the “last straw that broke the camel's back.”

In the final, some unacceptable events occurred, with the final straw being the subsequent Assembly. There we said that this could not happen, that we did not want to continue down this path. We had to say zero tolerance for our partner (Jenni), for ourselves and in case this happens again.

Then a series of events occurred that we will explain when we have more time. We must also be clear that there is an open judicial process and that there is a victim, which is Jenni, who is the only one who has not caused any of what has happened and that her colleagues are going to be by her side.

“The meeting the other day is a point that can be a before and after. I am confident that the agreements will make our sport and I believe that women's sport, and consequently society, will be much better. We have never asked to put or remove the coach. What we have done is convey concerns or concepts in which the locker room did not feel comfortable. Always understanding that our job is not that,” he explained before the appointment of Montse Tomé as a coach after Jorge Vilda.

Putellas insisted that They do not remove or appoint positionsbut they did demand “zero tolerance” for “abuse”.

“It is the hierarchy that has to exist. We always face each other. We are fighting for transparent football. It is the same as before, with the difference that the coach was the sports director so we had to go to the person at the top,” he said.

We do not add or remove anything, we simply denounce and ask that in the Federation of all Spaniards there be zero tolerance for people who have hidden, applauded or incited abuse. The one who chooses the changes and investigates is the Federation.

On the other hand, the Barça player explained the commitment of this selection with a better society in the fight for equality.

It is not a sports issue, it goes much further. What Jenni experienced cannot be tolerated, we ask that this type of attitude does not occur. Soccer is a reflection of our society. With this complaint of zero tolerance we do not want to leave it aside, if you leave it aside you are taking a position. It took a while but the Federation finally listened to us and is now investigating.

Putellas revealed some of the agreements reached with the CSD at Tuesday's meeting. “The system has failed, the protocols have failed. There is a commitment to create protocols and a mixed commission. There will be no sanctions and the Federation has to make a statement apologizing to Jenni. There are a series of agreements to ensure that we have a more transparent Federation and that protects people,” he concluded.

(With information from Europa Press)

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