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While thousands of victims fight to survive in the ruins after the hurricane Otis, the Chamber of Deputies turns its back on them. Morena and her allies approved a 2024 Budget that, incredibly, allocates zero pesos! to the reconstruction of Acapulco.

This decision is not only a slap in the face to the people of Acapulco who lost everything, but also an irresponsibility that will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in the area. Without labeled resources, it will be very difficult to repair, with total transparency, hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and other infrastructure devastated by the meteor. There will also be no support for thousands of businesses that left and will remain on the floor for we do not know how long.

Morena argues that the resources for Acapulco will come from other sources, such as the Natural Disaster Fund. But she once again omits that she also eliminated the Fonden, that specific fund to attend to emergencies, leaving a budget hole.

This lack of solidarity towards a region that contributes so much to the country is doubly outrageous when resources are approved for pharaonic whims or clientelistic programs of dubious effectiveness.

It is not worth turning your back on Acapulco for partisan slogans. It is a city that needs Mexico that is supportive, not mean. All deputies must rectify and put the lives of thousands of Mexicans before their political accounts. Acapulco cannot be forgotten.

This news is especially outrageous at a time when images of the devastation in Acapulco have flooded social media and the news. Thousands of families have lost their homes, their belongings and, in many cases, loved ones. The urgency of helping these people should be a budget priority for any government that prides itself on being sensitive to the needs of its people.

However, the decision to allocate zero pesos to the reconstruction of Acapulco demonstrates a lack of empathy and commitment on the part of legislators that is difficult to understand. How is it possible that in a country with economic resources and a tradition of solidarity in times of crisis, such an insensitive decision can be made?

It is true that the country's budget is limited and that difficult decisions must be made, but the reconstruction of a city as important as Acapulco should not be sacrificed for the sake of inaugurating a train that can wait as long as the Toluca train waited. Or a refinery that, paradoxically, has also flooded several times due to devastating rains. Refining oil can wait. But people in Guerrero's most famous port can't wait to have a roof, a clinic, a road, basic security. It is necessary that the deputies who voted in favor of this budget explain to the citizens why they have made this decision. They must be held accountable and show real commitment to the people who have lost so much in this tragedy. Failure to act at this critical time only deepens distrust in institutions and government.

I hope that this decision is reconsidered and that the necessary resources are allocated to the reconstruction of Acapulco. Solidarity and empathy are fundamental values ​​in any society and it is time for our legislators to show that they are willing to act accordingly. We cannot allow Acapulco to be forgotten, it is everyone's responsibility to ensure that this iconic port recovers and that its inhabitants can rebuild their lives. I hope the Morena deputies understand that the place they are earning in the history of Mexico with this session is only the place of great infamy.

Yuriria Sierra
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