Zelensky urges to protect the Olympic Charter and ban Russian athletes from Paris 2024

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Volodimir ZelenskyPresident of Ukraine, today urged the international community to protect the Olympic Charter and join his campaign to prevent the participation of Russian athletes in the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The Ukrainian president wrote in his account Twitter.

Against the backdrop of Russia's continuing aggression and devastating war crimes, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is 'exploring avenues' to allow Russian athletes to participate in the Paris Olympics. We urge partners to join our honesty marathon, counter these efforts and protect the Olympic Charter.

On January 27, Zelenski announced the start of the called honesty marathonwith the aim of 'cleaning up the hypocrisy of the leaders of the international Olympic structures and of any attempt to incorporate representatives of the terrorist State into world sport'.

The president accompanies his tweet with a video in which he recalls that in the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, 45 of the 71 medals obtained by Russia were won by athletes linked to sports clubs of the Russian army.

And now the Ukrainians could face many of them in Paris. And you'll probably see Russian flags or pro-war Z symbols in the stands.

While Olympic officials insist that 'sport is apolitical', Ukraine maintains that 'permission for Russian athletes to compete would violate the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter' and the president finished.

This raises the question: is this about real neutrality of the sport or about surrender to brutal Russian force?

The video also recalls that the Russian attacks have destroyed 343 sports facilities and caused the death of 231 Ukrainian athletes and coaches.

(With information from EFE)

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