Zara Monrroy: I approached music because I wanted to heal INTERVIEW

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Activist, poet and singer-songwriterthis is how the program of the International Cervantino Festival (FIC) presents Zara Monrroy, but in an interview with MILLENNIUM She reveals that, when she sings, “I am the sea spreading with the wind that carries it”.

Originally from the Sonoran Desert (FIC guest state), specifically from the territory ComcaacRoxana Sarahí Romero Monrroy came to the festival to offer two musical presentations in her mother tongue, cmiique iitom (also known as serious), to make visible and raise awareness about its preservation. And also for heal your listeners.

“I approached music because I wanted to heal myself; understood that the Connection with singing is healing, like medicine own, and I checked it. So the show Resilient Comcaác I focus it so that it helps reconnect with oneself because art heals,” he says after his first presentation at the Ex Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera.

When talking about his project, a fusion of rap, ancestral songs and poetry (in which he is occasionally accompanied by the artist and psychologist Brenda Cabrera in the choirs and the rainwood instrument), the memory of his father, a musician and photographer from his town who died more than five years ago. He is his model to follow because “he was transparent in sharing knowledge.”

The maxim “to preserve is to share” is exemplified in their work, which first of all aims to show the value of their estate to the youths of your community. “Not many are interested in doing this type of Connection And there are things like access to the internet and other types of external activities that they adopted, a type of fashion. I really I deviate a lot from the material"I want to leave something beautiful on earth when I have to go to another plane," he says.

This Sunday it filled the seats at the Ex Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera (photo) and at Plaza San Fernando. (Ariel Ojeda)

“I am an instrument, not a reference”

The 32-year-old creator has performed at events such as Cumbre Tajín, the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado Festival and International Decade of Indigenous Languagesand is the protagonist of a chapter of the book Good night stories for rebellious girls: 100 extraordinary Mexican women.

Of his work in favor of the language cmiique iitomthe environment and empowerment indigenoussays that she is not a reference but “an instrument, a means so that people can know my territory and that my people can know their own traditions”.

Another objective of his art is that those who witness it at events such as the Cervantine“they feel part, they get a gift.”
“You take one memory or a teaching. The people from outside are there for a reason, for a reason they come to listen to our project; Just as they come with their time, we open ourselves to share everything and that makes me feel niceshare the two parts.

“It is an honor for me to be part of this community and have this word indigenousit is difficult to talk but we are looking for a way to share.

“Sometimes I go months or years without going to the community like Normal person, like someone from there; I'm going to do some activity and leave again. Or sometimes I say 'I want to eat something typical of my town', seafood or meat, and I can't because there isn't that in the city, but I'm used to it."

Zara Monrroy is the protagonist of a chapter of the book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Extraordinary Mexican Women. (Ariel Ojeda)
Zara Monrroy is the protagonist of a chapter of the book 'Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Extraordinary Mexican Women'. (Ariel Ojeda)

After mentioning the word “food”, also founder of the environmental group Azoj Canoj (star, in cmiique iitom) comments that he is currently trying to nourish not only his physique but his spiritualitywhich he equates with the waves of the sea.

And in this context he says that love changes, transforms. “There is the love own or the love of a couple, with whom I have walked because we are on the same channel and with the same message. I want to give love to humanity, that love of friendship with people from outside and with the family. “Love goes beyond what we can know.”

Zara, which uses paint and a traditional suit of his community, he says goodbye confessing that he already has his second book and that he cannot say a favorite word in his native language because “I like all the sacred elements of my territory.”

To stay aware of your upcoming presentations or purchase her music and books, she invites you to follow her on the Instagram account @ZaraMonrroyOficial1 and Facebook 'Zara Monrroy Official'.


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