Zacatecas the power struggle!


Raul Flores Martinez.

The fight between the cells of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the armed wing of the Pacific Cartel headed by Mayo Zambada, called “Flechas MZ” in Zacatecas, has left ghost towns and dozens of dead.

According to leaked information from officials of the Presidency of the Republic, the wave of violence that has been unleashed in the state of Zacatecas is only a small sample of the two major drug cartels in the country, but it is also a reminder for Senator Ricardo Monreal “to stop making noise.”

A phrase that, at first glance, makes no sense; however, if we analyze it from a cold and even poorly thought perspective, we know that Governor David Monreal (Ricardo’s brother), has felt abandoned by the fourth transformation in support for security.

Coincidentally, Senator Ricardo Monreal, for some time to date, has taken refuge in anonymity, and has not even continued with that iron defense of the technical secretary of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of the Republic, José Manuel del Río Virgen, before his arrest in Veracruz for the alleged crime of homicide, slowly faded until it was erased from the political map.

Some badly thought, assure that the attacks of organized crime against the state where he was born and that is governed by his brother, is only a warning to put aside his presidential aspirations.

As long as they are pears or apples, the truth is that the different homicides in the municipalities of Zacatecas are leaving the governments of the fourth transformation very badly off. Mass executions with corpses scattered in the streets are the news that has crossed the borders of Mexico, leaving this government in a bad position abroad.

Zacatecas became overnight in a state where there is a struggle for power, criminal power and political power, a power that makes citizens feel lost in the face of the attacks of the CJNG and Las Flechas MZ.

Let us remember that, in Zacatecas to be precise in November 2021, the federal government launched the so-called “Operation Zacatecas” which consisted of sending 850 members of the National Guard to the capital of Zacatecas and another 390 to nine municipalities in the state that did not They have municipal police.

We must pay attention to Zacatecas, a state where there has been a battle for power for more than a year, where there is an internal war, where the MZ Arrows have shown that they have great tactical power, specialized with assassins trained by former elements or deserters of special forces of the Armed Forces who are backed with millions of pesos.

With the MZ Arrows, perhaps we are on the verge of the birth of a new drug cartel, such as “Los Zetas” of the Gulf Cartel or the CJNG of the Pacific Cartel, this must generate great concern for the government of the 4T.

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