Yuya explains why he doesn’t show his son Mar’s face on social media



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In an interview with Elle Mexico, the “youtuber” Yuya has shared the reason why he does not show Mar, his son with singer Jorge Siddhartha, on social networkseven as her online community was very eager to learn more about this stage of her life.

“I definitely try to take care that Mar has her privacy, because I would like him to be a child or a human who decides on his own life and I do not want to be invasive”, expressed in the interview.

So, Although fans of Mariand Castrejón, Yuya’s first name, are used to seeing her makeup videos and the details of her life as a businesswomanthey will have to resign themselves to seeing this stage of the youtuber very sporadically.

Likewise, in the interview he stressed that he feels “Very weird saying ‘son’, but I love it, so whenever I can I say ‘my son!’ and ‘I have a son’ or ‘I’ll show you pictures of my son’, I became that person who says all the time ‘do you want to see pictures of my son?’

The youtuber added that she knows that balancing time between her work, social networks and motherhood is complicated, but that she likes to spend quality time with both her baby and her brand:“I have to be active, but aware that this moment that I am living with Mar is going to fly and it will not be repeated. So 80% of my energy is with him.”

However, this does not mean that Yuya is not weighing in on her future as a businesswoman because it wants to continue offering different types of products and share them with all its public. “It is a brand that invites you, it invites me, it invites us all and no, it has no gender, there is no age, there is nothing that limits us from using it, so right now I want to focus on creating more products for different and different needs or tastes, and obviously I would like to create a brand of accessories and clothing, but hey, we are going step by step and doing a little bit in short but very firm steps”, commented.

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